Sleep on the slopes at the Riegler Lodge

The appeal of the beloved Riegler Lodge is not only its well-known quality, but also its rustic Styrian charm, which keeps it in the minds of both its local and international guests—long after they’ve left the mountains.

In winter, the holiday apartments in and around the Riegler Lodge offer you the opportunity to stay directly on the slopes: wake up in the morning with a view of the valley below, throw on your skis, and you’re ready to go. The breath-taking view from the panorama sauna allows you to enjoy the magnificence of nature—making for an all-round relaxing holiday.

After you’ve worked up an appetite on the hill, your hunger will draw you into the Riegler Lodge restaurant for lunch, where you can enjoy a quick, convenient, and above all tasty meal. Come in to re-charge so that you’ve got energy for the afternoon, or just stick around and enjoy the atmosphere.

Your hosts, Ulli and Heinz Wind, are happy to welcome you as their guest, and invite you to disconnect from your daily life and fully enjoy the Riegler Lodge, with all of its amenities. The location, the atmosphere, the food, and the relaxation: it’s these advantages that have made the Riegler Lodge one of Austria’s favourite mountain retreats, featured on the ORF show “Harry’s liabstn Hütten” (Harry’s Favourite Lodges).

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